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Digital Security System

Why Access Control Is Important

Increase Security / Reduce Threats

Reduce threats by utilizing key fobs, Bluetooth, or Biometrics instead of the standard keyed entrance that can be easily compromised.


Our installed readers do not store any sensitive data.  Therefore, tampering will not have any value to intruders.


Real-time monitoring of doors and credential access will keep your premise secured 

Ease of Access

Give permissions to your employees for controlled access. 


Quickly remove access or replace lost cards without the need to reissue keys to your entire workplace.


CloudSync your data for protection against faulty internet connections

24/7 Access

Give your customers or employees 24/7 access for emergency purposes or to have 24/7 operations.

Tailgating Prevention

Prevent two-persons access using only one credential.  

With automated alerts, you can protect your establishment from tailgaters that aren't members or are not authorized for entry.

Open API Technology

API (Application Programming Interface) allows multiple applications to share data between each other.

Through Open API, Access Control Systems are able to be integrated with other partners such as Gym Membership Software, Video Management Software, CRM, Visitor Management, Office, G Suite, and much more.

Easily streamline communication, scalability, automation, and reporting through API technology.

Our Products and Services

Credentialed Access

  • Keyfobs

  • Keycards

  • Legacy Supported Cards/Fobs

  • Touch free and phone access solutions


We offer cloud based and/or  on-premise solutions for all your access control needs.

Open platform software that supports integrations with a wide range of software suites.

Integrate your Video Surveillance with our Access Control products for enhanced video analytics and controls.

Our systems are 100% browser-based with user-friendly dashboards.



  • Strikes

  • Mag Locks

  • Request to Exit

  • Smart Readers

  • Controllers/Relays

  • Power Supplies

  • Backup Batteries

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