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Unique Integrations
Let Us find the right solution for your business!

tailgating detection

Camio provided solutions integrates access control, video surveillance, and AI to detect when more than one person enters a controlled entrance without both parties swiping their authorized access credentials at the door.


  • Gyms can ensure tailgaters will be stopped or be charged a fee. 

  • Security Staff are immediately alerted when unauthorized members enter a secured area due to tailgating.

  • Friendly email reminders to violators or in high-security scenarios a fireable offense policy can be implemented.

  • Alternate and cost-effective solution to expensive turnstile barriers. 

GYM Software Integration

Software Solution​ Includes:

  1. Access Control integration

    • Automatic check-in services when access credentials are used​

  2. All-In-One platform for Member signup ​

    • No need for additional software​

  3. Member Management​

  4. Reporting and Analytics

  5. Single POS solutions

  6. Employee scheduling

  7. Much Much More!!


Our suggested Gym Software Provider offers solutions to run your Gym business as a whole and not as a pieced together platform as seen with competitors. 


For more information and demos of this product, please reach out to us today!​

Video Surveillance & access control

Integrate your Access Control with a robust AI video platform for total awareness and security.


  • Improve real-time awareness video footages

  • Lock entries when room capacities have been reached

  • Break up your door access into zones and combine them with AI video analytics

  • Easily scale your video management across multiple sites

  • Easily search by triggered events with attached video footage 

  • On-premise and Cloud services available for your custom solution

To find an integration solution that fits your business, call Us today!!

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